Roy Belchamber

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Roy Belchamber
Experienced & passionate product leader
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    London area
Core Competencies
  • Strategic Vision
  • Team Leadership
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Cross-functional Collaboration
  • Market Analysis
  • User Research
  • Data-led Strategy
Technical Skills
Data Analysis
Agile Methodologies
Subject Matter Expertise
  • AML Transaction Monitoring
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Sanctions Compliance
  • KYC
  • Market Surveillance
  • Payments
  • Compliance Obligations
  • Product Frameworks

Roy Belchamber

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Products Built
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Skills & Experience

Strategic Vision

It must all start with strategy!

I have a track record of defining and executing product strategies that are aligned with the company vision. This is at the heart of driving viable products that  deliver value to the business.

Done well, it delivers innovative products that delight users as well as roadmaps that are forward-thinking and executable.

Team Leadership

Building great products starts with building a great product team.

The best teams I have been privileged to work in and for have had a broad mix of experience, skills and personalities.

I understand how to build, mentor & motivate such teams. I have an open, down-to-earth approach. I am not affraid to get hands-on when needed. 

Product Lifecycle Management

Complex product portfolios demand ongoing and active management throughout their life - from concept, through MVP, launch, growth and maturation. 

The approach I prefer involves continuous evaluation and enhancement. This ensures products remain relevant and successful.

The goal? Sustained product-led growth and competitive advantage.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of every successful product team.

This demands effective, high-quality communication, ideally supported by efficient tooling and transparency.

Aligning across sales, marketing, operations and engineering teams is no small feat! But when culturally embedded in the business it is transformative. It drives roadmaps that all can believe in.

Market Analysis & User Research

Robust market analysis and strong user research leads to the best products.

Done well, user research can drive the confident design and delivery of exceptional user experiences.

Likewise, staying attuned to market, competitive and regulatory landscapes, ensures products not only innovate, but also contribute to positive business outcomes.

Data-Led Strategies

Gut feel has a role to play in many successful products. But this must be supported by data insights.

Knowing the correct KPIs to track across a product portfolio's lifecycle is complex. Done well it brings facts to focus and guide tough decisions

Focusing on measurable outcomes drives continuous improvement and value, to both the company and its customers.

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